MPAC Group Announces Sanctions and PEP Checking Services

January 5, 2015, London, UK

London, UK - The MPAC Group, the UK's leading corporate compliance and regulatory advisory firm, announced today new services providing sanctions, PEP and adverse press checks. The system has been designed for web based access and to provide fast and efficient reports to be provided. It can be accessed manually (input individual names), excel macro inputs or with a an API linked to your software. Once a name is in the system, it allows for automated alerts to be provided should a name match during the period of your subscription and such checks being carried out at period of your choice (daily, weekly quarterly etc). The servers provide a secure system for data and files as well as allowing protected client access. Importantly, the costs are extremely competitive compared to other providers and you can be up and running within a very short period of time.

The data sources are wide, varied and comparable to the main providers so there is even more reason to review this service!

If you would like to have a trail test period, please contact us on info@mpacgroup.co.uk or telephone on 0203 956 0956

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