Brent Hill


Brent has over twenty years experience in wholesale banking in South Africa and, particularly, the UK. He is a qualified South African lawyer with a strong and diverse commercial background and holds, inter alia, a Masters Degree in Tax Law. His initial banking experience was in international trade and export credits where he negotiated various export credit agreements with key agencies (ECGD, Hermes etc.). Thereafter he embarked on a successful career in structured finance where he led various teams structuring large, creative, cross-border transactions. He participated in all elements of these complex transactions including developing the structure, the accounting, legal and regulatory analysis to optimise outcomes and mitigate risk thereby developing a comprehensive understanding of all elements of banking and, in particular, risk-management. Brent turned his attention to address regulatory challenges arising after the financial crisis where he executed a number of hybrid capital issue and risk weighted asset optimisation trades. Thereafter, as a Director of Regulatory Change, Brent has been involved in a broad range of regulatory projects including FATCA, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme, MiFID II (including license applications), CASS etc. More recently Brent has consulted in the regulatory space where he combines his legal and interpretation skills with his compliance and project management experience to develop holistic solutions. Brent has been instrumental in developing MPAC's GDPR solution and assisted clients execute their preferred solution.

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