Helene Panzarino

Associate Director

Helene has built the framework for, and managed 12 public/private SME businesses and built, developed and managed high growth SME finance-ready relationships over the past 25 years, including just under 200 in 18 months for a Big 5 accountancy firm.

She has personally delivered on investment readiness for thousands of start-up and high-growth business support programmes for mainstream, disabled, and marginalised entrepreneurs.

Starting as a US commercial banker early in her career she has recently authored the book Business Funding for Dummies (Wiley 2016). Helene was the the inaugural CCO of a Fintech consultancy and the Head of Programmes for the Fintech trade body, Innovate Finance in 2014-15. She is an active funding judge and mentor, and a global speaker on Fintech and entrepreneurism.

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