Corporate Secretarial Services

MPAC takes advantage of state-of-the-art corporate secretarial software, to relieve clients of time-consuming administration, while minimising compliance risk, all the while our clients have 24/7 visibility of their statutory records and registers via secure, password-protected internet access.

Our structured annual maintenance fee program for corporate services is substantially more cost effective than equivalent law firm corporate secretarial charges.

MPAC can assist with corporate transactions such as producing corporate minutes,resolutions and forms to an appropriate standard and within applicable timescales and in a way which ensures that clients receive a seamless service.

Our fixed fee corporate secretarial services include:

  • Electronic filing of certain statutory forms at Companies House;
  • Acting as company secretary; Maintaining the hard copy statutory books and records (minute books, share certificates, certs of incorporation etc);
  • Monitoring Companies House filings to help combat corporate identity fraud; Providing access to the auditors to inspect the statutory books and records;
  • Verifying the statutory register details for the purposes;
  • Preparing board resolutions to approve the annual accounts;
  • Preparing board resolutions in relation to the appointment of auditors;
  • Providing reminders of deadlines for filing annual returns and accounts; and
  • Providing company structure diagrams, corporate timetables and reporting schedule.
  • Providing board minutes (if required)

Nominee Services

England & Wales company law requires that information on company directors and shareholders be registered in both the company's statutory register and at Companies House. With a nominee service, you can protect your details and ensure confidentiality as the nominee will become the shareholder of record on your behalf. We do not get involved in the running of your company and are on the Companies House register in name only.

Nominee Director

The function of the nominee director is to shield and protect working executives within your organisation. Please be advised that we cannot stand in the position of Nominee Director should your company require the directors to be subject to any regulatory body either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

Nominee Shareholder

The nominee shareholder service can be used when a company is created for the purposes of holding shares and other securities on behalf of investors.

Nominee Secretary

The nominee secretary will be a company acting as your company's secretary. Nominee secretaries do not usually have an active role or function in the actual running of the company but can add value to your company formation.

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