The Compliance Company Malta

Compliance and regulatory advice and consulting specifically for the offshore centres (provided by The Compliance Company Ltd., domiciled in Malta)

We provide a service of obtaining authorisations from the MFCA, ongoing compliance, access to a regulated fund management platform, thus allowing you to launch and establish your fund at a fraction of the cost of having to build the whole structure from scratch. Once you have achieved suitable performance your fund can be “broken off” and launched independently without incurring significant additional costs. This is the ICC/cell structure.

Regulated platform

We have two services available, offered through separately regulated firms:-

  • Umbrella services – your firm becomes an Appointed Representative of the principal firm allowing the firm to be able to access the financial sector in a short period of time. There are regulated limitations on the service which can restrict the firm’s activities.
  • An offshore platform for the offshore fund industry, providing a structure to enable your fund to launch quickly and efficiently in an offshore jurisdiction at a sensible cost. This allows you to time to build a track record, obtain the experience necessary to manage the fund where required and incubate it appropriately. At the end of the period of incubation, the fund can break away on its own without the need for repapering in any great significance.

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