Financial Crime Workshop


Financial Crime controls are essential in any financial services firm. As the criminal fraternity becomes even more sophisticated and as the financial sector likewise becomes much more complex, a company must have suitable safeguards in place to fight the growing problem. Each member of staff, regardless of his/her position, must constantly be aware to the dangers of financial crime penetrating the business and must therefore think at all times and follow the firms' procedures and report any suspicious activity. It is therefore crucial for firms to provide adequate training to its staff on this important subject and ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge. This workshop will cover the key aspects of money laundering and terrorist financing risks, the legal requirements and implications, best practices on preventive measures, as well as the firms' and its staffs' responsibilities.

Attendance for this workshop would qualify as fulfilling the annual AML Training requirement.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Definition of money laundering and money laundering stages
  • The key components of the current anti-money laundering regime
  • Why does it apply to us and how to comply
  • Key systems and controls needed within a firm
  • Reporting of suspicious transactions
  • Offences and penalties

Who should attend?

  • All members of staff working in a financial services regulated firm are required to receive AML training at least once a year.


2 hour session

All attendees will receive a participation certificate with the workshop date and times, attesting to their participation in the workshop.

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